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2014-02-19 14:12:16
Today, the solo releases of Takahashi Ai and Tsuji Nozomi.

With Takahashi especially here, we're starting to reach people who have quite a few digital single releases. This is a bit of a pain for various reasons. Without a physical release there's usually no official discography pages to check for solid details. No product code used for a release that makes it easy to look for more information with Google. No possibility that anyone has looked at the packaging for more details and put that online anywhere, because the packaging doesn't exist. Just from a site standpoint, it makes things a bit uglier--Takahashi's 5 digital singles released as part of the Hello Cover series have only 2 covers between them, and introduce 5 new entries to the album list, each with a whopping one track. Since they're specifically covers, they also tend to have names that are already in use, so it might help to cause confusion for someone who doesn't know what release they're looking for.

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