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2013-11-27 17:49:03
For today's update we've got the solo works of birth hospital buddies Iida Kaori and Abe Natsumi.

2013-11-19 19:27:42
Smallish update in content: the solo works of Fujimoto Miki are in.

A change to people/group pages in general, though. Under the credits section headers and the list of credits themselves, it gives a summary of the person's credits. Fujimoto's for instance, shows "133 total credits among 109 songs: 109 Vocals, 24 Artist". Instrumentals don't count into these totals, just as they don't show up on the lists on the page.

2013-11-11 16:55:09
The solo works of Matsuura Aya are in. This also pushes the total number of songs in the database over 2000, and the number of singles/albums to 500.

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