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2013-06-27 18:51:52
Today's big content updates: The library of Taiyo to Ciscomoon/T&C Bomber has been added, and links from people to their images on the Hello!Online Picboard have been added where applicable.

Also a Who's Included page has been added, to keep track of which groups' work has already been added to the database and which should be in the near-ish future.

2013-06-21 15:05:43
Launch day! As of now the site has: A customizable song list, and pages to view specifics on songs. A customizable album list, and pages to view specifics on albums or specific editions of albums. A list of people/groups, again with pages to view further information about them. A list of Potentially Asked Questions since nobody can have asked anything yet but I wanted to pre-answer some things.

Currently the database is filled with the albums and singles of Morning Musume (and Sakura/Otome/10nen/Dream variations), Tanpopo, Petitmoni, Minimoni, Coconuts Musume, W, S/mileage, and Juice=Juice.

Though there's still plenty more to add, I hope you find what's here already useful and enjoyable.

2013-06-21 14:40:19
Te te test.

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