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2013-07-31 01:02:30
Biggest content update since DohBell has gone live: the works of Berryz Koubou are in. This pushes the database's song count not just over 1000, but 1100.

Though I haven't gone back to past groups for this yet, with Berryz I started listing Japanese iTunes links along with the US iTunes links. Sometimes there are albums or even individual tracks listed there that aren't in the US one. That doesn't fill ALL the gaps, though.

Along with that, a few changes to how things are displayed in various places:

On the group pages the list of members have already been sorted by join date, but now they're additionally sorted by date of leaving the group. Remaining members of any group's generation should be listed contiguously now.

Everywhere multiple people/groups were credited for something, the list in a table will split them up into separate lines. This will make some individual rows taller, but help keep entire columns from being made extra wide due to the presence of one collaborative effort.

External links have always been displayed in a set order based on a number assigned to each site behind the scenes, but now I've made it so there will be line breaks between certain groupings. The main effect of this right now is to split up the unofficial (Hello! Project Wiki, Project Hello) from the official (,

Album pages will now show the Catalog IDs along with the edition descriptors like "Regular Edition".

2013-07-18 21:43:04
v-u-den is v-u-in.

2013-07-16 18:28:30
Another batch of groups with only one or two releases each. ZYX, Romans, Aa!, Nochiura Natsumi, Ecomoni, and H.P. All Stars.

2013-07-14 12:08:15
Special on shuffle units today! 2000's Akagumi 4, Kiiro 5, Aoiro 7? In. You like like 2001's 3nin Matsuri, 7nin Matsuri, 10nin Matsuri? We got 'em! You prefer 2002's Happy♡7, Sexy 8, Odoru♡11? They're here too! More into 2003's SALT5, 7AIR, 11WATER?? Knock yourself out! I'll even throw in a Gomattou since it was sitting in there chronologically.

In the rare case where an album has different release dates for different editions, the song pages weren't always using the earliest of the dates to represent when the song/album was released. That's been fixed.

Previously I left a lot of the start/end dates for people in groups empty, since they aren't always very clear. However, with the addition of shuffles we start to see people listed in a LOT of groups, and I wanted them in chronological order. So now there are a lot of close-ish start dates added in. If I saw no better start date available, I went with the first of the month of a single's release, or sometimes the month before if the single released early in the month. Just don't take these dates as gospel, especially when they're shown as the first or last day of a month.

2013-07-11 22:56:43
Sheki-Dol is in. Yes, all 4 singles.

The People/Group List now has the option to show and sort by a "Credits" column, which shows the sum of all the song and album credits a person/group has in the database. This gives the option of sorting the most prolific people to the top. Right now Tsunku has about 8x the credits of the #2 person, and that gap is only going to get bigger as more is entered.

I noticed a problem with the default ordering in the Song List where sometimes the tracks of an album would get listed in the wrong order, but it's been fixed now.

2013-07-10 20:10:43
The major works of Country Musume are now in.

2013-07-07 12:54:29
Today's content update: Melon Kinenbi joins the fray.

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