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2013-08-24 22:00:05
Some of the bigger updates of the last month were for the major halves of the Hello! Project Kids, Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute. Today's covers efforts combining the members of both. This means Cat's♥Eye 7 and it means the Berryz Koubou×℃-ute singles, but mostly it means Buono! It also meant adding dozens of new people to the database, since Buono!'s lyrics/composition/arrangement doesn't have a lot of involvement from the people who work on the major H!P groups.

2013-08-18 17:46:59
I'm a guy who loves the ability to add sites' searches to the search bar in Firefox, especially when combined with an add-on that lets me just highlight a word on a page, right-click it, and select a search to send it to. Until now, DohBell has lacked such a capability. With the separate pages for People/Groups, Albums, and Songs it seemed more hassle than would be nice. SO today I set up a General Search.

It's basically a combined and simplified form of those pages. Not all of the columns are there, there's no ability to sort them to your liking, and there's only one input for searching: Name. But this simplicity makes it the perfect quick option for searching for... whatever. If you want to use the more advanced options of the individual pages, the section titles will link to the results found there for the same Name input.

Also note that if you do add the search to your browser with the "Add DohBell General Search" option it should display where appropriate, any searches made from there will automatically apply wildcard characters to both sides. Again, in the spirit of making it the least hassle to get the results you want. Well, no illusions: to get the results I want, as it's built around what I think is most convenient.

2013-08-12 15:23:52
Following the big Berryz update a few weeks back, the other half of the H.P. Kids couldn't be too far behind. ℃-ute is in.

2013-08-02 17:21:33
Today another update with a multitude of groups with a small number of releases, this time from the 2005/2006 period: Sexy Otonajan, Elegies, Puripuri Pink, DEF.DIVA, Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai, and GAM.

Also the strange appearance of 1970s Euro group Dschinghis Khan. Not their entire library, but they're in there thanks to a strange release combining their song with its Berryz Koubou cover.

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