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2015-07-20 20:44:05
A ton of changes since the last (online) update a yearish ago. Summing up some:

There are a few dozen single-song digital releases from the Hello Cover series. Fills up the album list for 2010 and 2011 a bit and many of them from the same singer share the same "cover" image, but treating them like any other single/album seemed the most faithful way to handle it.

Sites that shut down or changed drastically (like and have had their links turned into archive links. Possibly some of these archive links lead nowhere, either. C'est la vie. With many more archive links in place, I've moved them to a separate line rather than all sitting beside newer live versions. If the site still exists in a new form, new links have been added.

Since the new style of shows basic lyrics/music/arrangement credits for pretty much everything, a lot of double-checking went on. There are still a few cases where there was some contradictory information between good sources, but at this point most of the bad credits should have been wiped away, and a lot of gaps filled in.

Of course there has been a year of new releases, and almost all of them are included.

Between all the new sources for credits, new things to actually give credit for, and new members of Hello! Project, there are about 180 new additions to the People/Groups List. Honestly a lot of these are due to a few cover albums, so a ton of unrelated people who will probably never get another credit in the database.

It's barely used yet, but I've added a system so short notes can be attached to people, songs, or albums. Mostly this is for things that don't have a proper place in the database at this time, like alternate names. Prominently, ANGERME and Country Girls are newly renamed entities that have notes about this. It's weird to have all the old stuff showing with the new name, but that's just the way this database is built.

I'll try to have another update before July 2016.

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