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2014-06-04 18:22:36
Long time no update! Hello! Project Wiki has definitely taken most of my H!P web time from this place. This is actually one of the biggest updates in a long time, though most of it is behind the scenes.

First off, the latest releases have been added. I usually don't make a point of mentioning them, but it's not usually a three month span covering at least one release by each major H!P group.

Second, the Hello! Project web page went through a total redesign, which broke hundreds of links to there from this site. Most of this has been fixed in two ways. All the old links now point to a version of the page stored on the Internet Archive, and use the site name (archived). Links to the new version of the site just use, but not all old artists' releases are covered on the site, so the archived version is as good as it gets.

Third, most of the site's pages have been trimmed a little in size, but not functionality. As one gets more pages doing things the same way (connecting to database, checking for cached version of page, etc.), ways to offload these tasks to a shared file that they can all refer to become more obvious.

Fourth, and the one that will make the biggest difference in the future, is that the site is now largely ready to be multi-lingual... it's just lacking the multi-lingual. Much of the text on various pages is now read from an English language file. Page titles, section titles, column headings. To make a version for another language would require little more than making a copy of that one file and changing the text within it. It's not a perfect solution: some of the English is stored in the database itself, and would require different changes to be made. Also long text like this or the explanation boxes found on the top-right of many List pages is unchanged. BUT I think if the situation were reversed, I'd be able to navigate a lot easier through a natively-non-English site now with English titles and headers. BUT the only other language file beside English I currently have is one for a fake semi-gibberish language just to see if it's loading that text correctly. So from the point of view of an English-reading user, it might just seem like there were some slight wording/spacing/line-breaking changes made here and there.

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