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2013-10-31 06:44:14
Today the solo work of Goto Maki is up. Gocchin is in. Also another big bunch of related people largely thanks to the credits from her time at avex trax.

A word about album editions--I've got things set up around here for regular Hello! Project terminology. Regular Edition, Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and so on. Not all places do quite that, so it's a little bit of fitting an oval peg into a round hole. Avex seems to just list them like "Album", "Album+DVD", "2CD+2DVD", very plain-stated. If there are two CD+DVD sets they'll be different in catalog number and cover, but not really given unique names. For my purposes here, I'm considering the plainest set the "Regular", and then ordering the others as Limited A, B, etc. based on catalog order. One minor improvement that I'll probably get around to some day is the ability to specify alternate naming for editions, which would occasionally be handy even for Hello! Project releases. Example: This "Limited Edition D" is officially referred to as "Takahashi Ai Graduation Edition".

2013-10-20 07:06:46
Today I've got the major works of Miyoshi Chinatsu and Ishii Rika... but it may be the spottiest update yet. Miyoshi was a pretty short-lived blip in Hello! Project over a decade ago, so there's not a great deal to be found about her singles online--and some of what I did find was slightly contradictory. Ishii was in Hello! Project for about a year and contributed to quite a few compilations, but all of the solo works added here were before or after that, so usual reliable sources of H!P data didn't do much good here. Especially of note: more than a few songs' English names were determined by Google Translate and I, so if something seems ridiculous--it may or may not have been intended that way in its native tongue.

2013-10-16 15:47:37
The solo works of Nakazawa Yuko are in, and with them a few dozen more enka lyricists and composers not previously in the database.

2013-10-10 21:22:02
The solo work of Heike Michiyo is in. With her several post-Hello! Project (and post-UP-FRONT altogether) indie releases this is some of the first stuff I couldn't count on the regular sites to provide information for. Luckily as a solo singer who was writing all her own music and lyrics, filling in most of the usual song credits was doable.

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