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2013-09-21 11:32:59
Today we've got the SATOYAMI units (ALMA KAMANIITO, Peaberry, Harvest, DIY♡, GREEN FIELDS, JURIN) and the SATOUMI units (Dia Lady, HI-FIN, Mellowquad). Also a late entry to the Kirarin groups in SHIPS.

Note that ALMA KAMANIITO and SHIPS are less Hello! Project than usual, probably moreso than anything since Dschinghis Khan. They're both guy groups and not part of Hello! Project, but they're still UP-FRONT groups and it seemed silly to leave gaps in the coverage of the Kirarin and SATOYAMI groups. However, since they're not Hello! and not all of the same data sources cover them, they're pretty lacking in terms of song credits and external links.

So with this... pretty much every Hello! Project group has been added, and they're all up to date through the releases from earlier this month. Time to loop back to the 90s and start getting the solo stuff. Heike Michiyo, here we come.

2013-09-10 16:13:38
Today's newly added groups: Ongaku Gatas, Ice Creamusume, Lilpri, and Reborn Eleven.

2013-09-07 10:19:53
A variety of small changes across the person/group, album, and edition pages. Some for consistency, some to make things a bit easier to look at for the average person, and some to make things a bit better for #1 user me (hopefully without making it too cluttered for non-me).

Though I didn't make giant changes this time, I am thinking about how best to go about bigger adjustments to those pages. They've just grown in bits and pieces since I initially made them, so there are areas they're lacking. Notably all lists of people/album/song names default to the English/romaji version, without it being possible to view the Japanese/kana/kanji version without going to its full page. It's all there in the database, no reason the site can't be more bilingual-friendly. But whether to do that with more appearing/disappearing columns as on the list pages or some other method, I'm not sure yet.

2013-09-06 15:17:12
More minor groups from 2007-2009 added in, mostly built for anime purposes: Kira☆Pika, Athena & Robikerottsu, MilkyWay, High-King, Shugo Chara Egg, and Guardians 4.

It's probably more of a hassle to gather and parse the data for six groups with a total of twelve releases than it would be to add in one group with twenty-four releases. @_@ All the major H!P groups are taken care of, though. More small ones to come, until I loop around and start getting the soloists.

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