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2016-01-13 17:55:14
The latest update adds in the new singles and albums from the second half of 2015, as well as the member graduations and additions.

As far as page changes:

  • The general search page will now return Notes that match. So if you search for S/mileage, you'll find the note about it being a past name of ANGERME, and thus still get pointed to that group's page.
  • The song list page now includes an expandable section at the bottom that lists only the song IDs with # around them. This is, frankly, mostly for me. It's something to help create a playlist from the search results, but since it involves setting up a file that connects these numbers to the location of the sound file on your device, I'm not sure anyone but me would want to spend the time. So for now the tool to actually replace all these numbers is just coded with my own files, but if anyone else is actually interested I can get it going in a more general way.
  • Song pages will now show miniature versions of the cover of every release they've been in. If it was only included in a Limited B release, you'll only see that cover. If it's ended up in Best albums repeatedly, you'll see them too.

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