Namida no Taiyou
Crying in a Storm

Song Type: Single A-side, Cover
Earliest Release: 2004-06-09
Length: 2:41
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Release Date Album Edition
2004-06-09 Namida no Taiyou R1
2004-12-01 THE Nimaime R2
2004-12-22 Petit Best 5 R6
2008-12-10 MEGA MELON R12

Song Credits
Role Person/Group
Arrangement Suzuki "Daichi" Hideyuki
Artist Melon Kinenbi
Lyrics Sukegawa Kazuko
Music Nakajima Yasutoshi
Role Person/Group Age
Vocals Murata Megumi 23.2
Vocals Saito Hitomi 22.6
Vocals Otani Masae 22.2
Vocals Shibata Ayumi 20.2
Average 22.1

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