Saito Hitomi

Date of Birth: 1981-10-31

Member of Groups
PID Group Start End
244 Melon Kinenbi 1999-07-01 2010-05-03
332 10nin Matsuri 2001-06-01
988 20nin Matsuri 2001-12-01
333 Happy♡7 2002-06-01
338 11WATER 2003-06-01
345 ROMANS 2003-06-25
350 H.P. All Stars 2004-11-01

Song Credits
72 total credits among 72 songs:
72 Vocals
Role Song Artist Release Date
Vocals Amai Anata no Aji Melon Kinenbi 2000-02-19
Vocals Skip! Melon Kinenbi 2000-02-19
Vocals Kokuhaku Kinenbi Melon Kinenbi 2000-06-28
Vocals Fuwafuwafuu Melon Kinenbi 2000-06-28
Vocals Denwa Matteimasu Melon Kinenbi 2001-03-07
Vocals Mou Matemasen! Melon Kinenbi 2001-03-07
Vocals Dancing! Natsu Matsuri 10nin Matsuri 2001-07-04
Vocals HELLO! Mata Aou ne (10nin Matsuri version) 10nin Matsuri 2001-07-04
Vocals This is Unmei Melon Kinenbi 2001-10-11
Vocals Wa! Kaccho E na! Melon Kinenbi 2001-10-11
Vocals HELLO! Mata Aou ne (20nin Matsuri version) 20nin Matsuri 2001-12-19
Vocals Saa! Koibito ni Narou Melon Kinenbi 2002-02-14
Vocals Girls Power • Aisuru Power Melon Kinenbi 2002-02-14
Vocals Natsu no Yoru wa Danger! Melon Kinenbi 2002-06-19
Vocals Ai Meramera Koi Yurayura Melon Kinenbi 2002-06-19
Vocals Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam! Happy♡7 2002-07-03
Vocals Yoku Aru Oyako no Serenade (Happy♡7 Version) Happy♡7 2002-07-03
Vocals Kousui Melon Kinenbi 2002-10-23
Vocals Ren'ai Restaurant Melon Kinenbi 2002-10-23
Vocals Akai Freesia Melon Kinenbi 2003-01-29
Vocals Enryo wa Nashi yo! Melon Kinenbi 2003-01-29
Vocals Melon Kinenbi no Theme (OP) Melon Kinenbi 2003-03-12
Vocals ANNIVERSARY Melon Kinenbi 2003-03-12
Vocals Nemuranai Yoru Melon Kinenbi 2003-03-12
Vocals ENDLESS YOUTH Melon Kinenbi 2003-03-12
Vocals Melon Kinenbi no Theme (ED) Melon Kinenbi 2003-03-12
Vocals Chance of LOVE Melon Kinenbi 2003-05-08
Vocals Natsu Melon Kinenbi 2003-05-08
Vocals BE ALL RIGHT! 11WATER 2003-07-09
Vocals SEXY NIGHT ~Wasurerarenai Kare~ ROMANS 2003-08-20
Vocals Roman ROMANS 2003-08-20
Vocals MI DA RA Matenrou Melon Kinenbi 2003-09-10
Vocals Futari no Paradise Melon Kinenbi 2003-09-10
Vocals Kawaii Kare Melon Kinenbi 2003-12-03
Vocals Hatsuyuki Melon Kinenbi 2003-12-03
Vocals Natsu LOVE Romance Hello! Project 2003-12-17
Vocals Mirai no Tobira (Goto with Melon Kinenbi) Goto Maki,
Melon Kinenbi
Vocals Namida no Taiyou Melon Kinenbi 2004-06-09
Vocals Saa, Sassoku Moriagete Ikoka!! Melon Kinenbi 2004-06-09
Vocals Champagne no Koi Melon Kinenbi 2004-10-27
Vocals Koi no Shikumi. Melon Kinenbi 2004-10-27
Vocals Setsunasa Ranking Melon Kinenbi 2004-12-01
Vocals Kirai, Suki Suki Suki Honto, Uso Uso Uso Melon Kinenbi 2004-12-01
Vocals Lemon Tart Melon Kinenbi 2004-12-01
Vocals Aishite wa Ikenai... Melon Kinenbi 2004-12-01
Vocals Last Scene Melon Kinenbi 2004-12-01
Vocals Doryoku - Kei - Bijin Melon Kinenbi 2004-12-01
Vocals THE Nimaime ~ON MY WAY~ Melon Kinenbi 2004-12-01
Vocals ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL! H.P. All Stars 2004-12-01
Vocals Nikutai wa Shoujiki na EROS Melon Kinenbi 2005-02-09
Vocals Hotondo ga Anata Desu Melon Kinenbi 2005-02-09
Vocals Onegai Miwaku no Target Melon Kinenbi 2006-06-10
Vocals Crazy Happy! Melon Kinenbi 2006-06-10
Vocals Kousui (Hard Flavor Remix) Melon Kinenbi 2006-12-06
Vocals LEATHER Melon Kinenbi 2006-12-06
Vocals Unforgettable Melon Kinenbi 2007-03-28
Vocals Sakura-iro no Yakusoku Melon Kinenbi 2007-03-28
Vocals Onegai Miwaku no Target Original new ver. Melon Kinenbi 2007-09-05
Vocals Charisma・Kirei Melon Kinenbi 2007-12-12
Vocals Akuma de FAKE Melon Kinenbi 2007-12-12
Vocals Onna Zakari Melon Kinenbi 2008-03-19
Vocals GIVE ME UP Melon Kinenbi 2008-12-10
Vocals DON'T SAY GOOD-BYE Melon Kinenbi,
Beat Crusaders
Vocals Pinchi wa Chansu - Baka ni Narou ze! Melon Kinenbi,
New Rote'ka
Vocals sweet suicide summer story Melon Kinenbi,
Vocals Seishun-on-the Road Melon Kinenbi,
The Collectors
Vocals Melon Tea Melon Kinenbi,
Going Under Ground
Vocals Romantic wo Tsukinukero! ~Break it now~ Melon Kinenbi 2010-02-17
Vocals ALL AROUND ROCK Melon Kinenbi 2010-02-17
Vocals Ai da! Imasugu ROCK ON! Melon Kinenbi 2010-02-17
Vocals ALWAYS LOVE YOU Melon Kinenbi,
Beat Crusaders

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