I Won't Be Able To Forget

Song Type: Single B-side
Earliest Release: 1999-07-14
Length: 4:50


Release Date Album Edition
1999-07-14 Furusato R2, RR2
2004-12-15 Morning Musume EARLY SINGLE BOX R602
2009-10-07 Morning Musume Zen Single Coupling Collection R107, LA107

Song Credits
Role Person/Group
Arrangement Konishi Takao
Arrangement Shitamachi Kyoudai
Artist Morning Musume
Lyrics, Music Tsunku
Role Person/Group Age
Vocals Nakazawa Yuko 26.0
Vocals Ishiguro Aya 21.1
Vocals Iida Kaori 17.9
Vocals Abe Natsumi 17.9
Vocals Yasuda Kei 18.6
Vocals Yaguchi Mari 16.4
Vocals Ichii Sayaka 15.5
Average 19.1

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