Ishiguro Aya

Date of Birth: 1978-05-12

Member of Groups
PID Group Start End
74 Morning Musume 1997-09-07 2000-01-07
238 Tanpopo 1998-10-01 2000-01-07

Song Credits
44 total credits among 44 songs:
44 Vocals
Role Song Artist Release Date
Vocals Ai no Tane Morning Musume 1997-11-03
Vocals Morning Coffee Morning Musume 1998-01-28
Vocals Summer Night Town Morning Musume 1998-05-27
Vocals A MEMORY OF SUMMER '98 Morning Musume 1998-05-27
Vocals Good Morning Morning Musume 1998-07-08
Vocals Dou ni ka Shite Doyoubi Morning Musume 1998-07-08
Vocals Yume no Naka Morning Musume 1998-07-08
Vocals Wagamama Morning Musume 1998-07-08
Vocals Mirai no Tobira Morning Musume 1998-07-08
Vocals Usotsuki Anta Morning Musume 1998-07-08
Vocals Daite HOLD ON ME! Morning Musume 1998-09-09
Vocals Tatoeba Morning Musume 1998-09-09
Vocals Last Kiss Tanpopo 1998-11-18
Vocals Jikan yo Tomare Tanpopo 1998-11-18
Vocals Memory Seishun no Hikari Morning Musume 1999-02-10
Vocals Happy Night Morning Musume 1999-02-10
Vocals Motto Tanpopo 1999-03-10
Vocals Ai no Uta Tanpopo 1999-03-10
Vocals Wakattenai Janai Tanpopo 1999-03-31
Vocals Motto (album mix) Tanpopo 1999-03-31
Vocals Tanjoubi no Asa Tanpopo 1999-03-31
Vocals ONE STEP Tanpopo 1999-03-31
Vocals Tanpopo Tanpopo 1999-03-31
Vocals Suki Tanpopo 1999-03-31
Vocals Last Kiss (album version) Tanpopo 1999-03-31
Vocals Manatsu no Kousen Morning Musume 1999-05-12
Vocals Koi no Shihatsu Ressha Morning Musume 1999-05-12
Vocals Tanpopo (Single Version) Tanpopo 1999-06-16
Vocals A Rainy Day Tanpopo 1999-06-16
Vocals Furusato Morning Musume 1999-07-14
Vocals Wasurerannai Morning Musume 1999-07-14
Vocals NIGHT OF TOKYO CITY Morning Musume 1999-07-28
Vocals Suki de x5 Morning Musume 1999-07-28
Vocals Papa ni Niteiru Kare Morning Musume 1999-07-28
Vocals Senkou Hanabi Morning Musume 1999-07-28
Vocals Otome no Shinrigaku Morning Musume 1999-07-28
Vocals Da Di Du De Do Da Di! Morning Musume 1999-07-28
Vocals LOVE Machine Morning Musume 1999-09-09
Vocals 21seiki Morning Musume 1999-09-09
Vocals Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru Tanpopo 1999-10-20
Vocals Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru (featuring Ishiguro) Tanpopo 1999-10-20
Vocals LOVE Machine (analog remix) Morning Musume 2000-04-26
Vocals Tanpopo (Grand Symphonic Version) Tanpopo 2002-09-04
Vocals Morning Musume Mega Mix 30 (Radio Edit) Morning Musume 2006-12-20

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