Piriri to Yukou! (More Piriri Remix)
ピリリと行こう!(MORE ピリリ Remix)
Let's Spice Things Up! (More Spice Remix)

Song Type: Remix, Album original
Earliest Release: 2004-12-22
Length: 3:43
This song is based on: Piriri to Yukou!


Release Date Album Edition
2004-12-22 Petit Best 5 R11

Song Credits
Role Person/Group
Artist Berryz Koubou
Lyrics, Music Tsunku
Role Person/Group Age
Vocals Shimizu Saki 13.0
Vocals Tsugunaga Momoko 12.7
Vocals Tokunaga Chinami 12.5
Vocals Sudo Maasa 12.4
Vocals Natsuyaki Miyabi 12.3
Vocals Ishimura Maiha 12.0
Vocals Kumai Yurina 11.3
Vocals Sugaya Risako 10.7
Average 12.1
Role Person/Group
Remix Tanaka Nao

SID 2762 - SID 2763 - SID 2764

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