Koi no Hana
Flower of Love

Song Type: Single A-side, Cover
Earliest Release: 2011-01-26
Length: 3:59
This song is based on: Koi no Hana
More songs from the same creators: Mirai Yohou, Sweetoholic (2014 Smile Ver.), Koi no Hana, Koi no Hana, Sweetoholic


Release Date Album Edition
2011-01-26 Koi no Hana R1
2012-06-27 Hello Cover R7

Song Credits
Role Person/Group
Artist Niigaki Risa
Lyrics, Music BULGE
Role Person/Group Age
Vocals Niigaki Risa 22.2

SID 2457 - SID 2458 - SID 2459

Song List

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