Asakura Kiki

Date of Birth: 2000-09-03

Member of Groups
PID Group Start End
896 Tsubaki Factory 2015-04-29

Song Credits
8 total credits among 8 songs:
8 Vocals
Role Song Artist Release Date
Vocals Seishun Manmannaka! (First Take) Tsubaki Factory 2015-09-06
Vocals Thank You Very Berry Tsubaki Factory 2015-12-16
Vocals Kedakaku Sakihokore! Tsubaki Factory 2015-12-31
Vocals Seishun Manmannaka! Tsubaki Factory 2016-05-18
Vocals 17sai Tsubaki Factory 2016-05-18
Vocals Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~ Tsubaki Factory 2016-05-18
Vocals Hitorijime Tsubaki Factory 2016-08-06
Vocals Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo Tsubaki Factory 2016-08-06

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