Date of Birth: 1962-09-24

Song Credits
27 total credits among 17 songs:
17 Music, 7 Lyrics, 3 Arrangement
Role Song Artist Release Date
Music Suppin to Namida. Goto Maki 2005-07-06
Arrangement, Lyrics, Music 16sai no Koi Nante Abe Natsumi,
Yajima Maimi
Arrangement, Lyrics, Music Watashi no Koibito na no ni Abe Natsumi,
Yajima Maimi
Lyrics, Music Manopiano Mano Erina 2008-06-29
Music Lucky Aura Mano Erina 2008-10-04
Music Lalala-Sososo Mano Erina 2008-12-13
Lyrics, Music Kekkon Shinai Futari Matsuura Aya 2009-01-21
Music Otome no Inori Mano Erina 2009-03-18
Music Mizuiro Omoi Mano Erina 2009-03-18
Music Hajimete no Keiken Mano Erina 2009-05-20
Music Nakimushi Yowamushi Mano Erina 2009-05-20
Music Sekai wa Summer Party Mano Erina 2009-07-29
Music Jasmine Tea Mano Erina 2009-07-29
Lyrics, Music Manopiano (Album ver.) Mano Erina 2009-12-16
Music Suppin to Namida. (Korean Ver.) Goto Maki 2010-09-22
Arrangement, Lyrics, Music Dare ni mo Iwanai de Mano Erina 2010-11-24
Lyrics, Music Sakura Night Fever Kobushi Factory 2016-02-17

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