Kitagami Ami

Date of Birth: 1980-07-22

Member of Groups
PID Group Start End
319 Sheki-Dol 2000-07-11 2002-01-31

Song Credits
8 total credits among 8 songs:
8 Vocals
Role Song Artist Release Date
Vocals Kokoro no Pheromone Sheki-Dol 2000-11-01
Vocals Datte Datte Sheki-Dol 2000-11-01
Vocals Tetteiteki Unmei Sheki-Dol 2001-04-13
Vocals Tetteiteki Unmei -Destiny Version- Sheki-Dol 2001-04-13
Vocals Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu. Sheki-Dol 2001-06-27
Vocals Koi wa Mousho! Sheki-Dol 2001-06-27
Vocals Ai wa Muteki ~Hatachi no Yoru no Chikai~ Sheki-Dol 2001-12-05
Vocals Ganbacchaumonneee! Sheki-Dol 2001-12-05

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